God’s Territory


What is God’s zone? His zone is superconsciousness. He is Infinite, and the endless Source of answers to the greater part of life’s difficulties.

Paramhansa Yogananda stated: “God is inescapable. Man’s spirit, made in His picture, has in it the seed understanding of inescapability. That inescapability is covered up in the little soul as a tree is discharged in a little seed.”


Swami Kriyananda writes in his book Rays of the One Light:

With regards to good and otherworldly advancement, individuals ordinarily distinguish themselves with their shortcomings and their missteps. They think of it as just about an indication of modesty to state, “I am a heathen,” however basically this means they recognize themselves with their evil, not with the spirit’s capacity to rise above all confinements in God.

The best approach to know God is to live in virtuous cognizance, and not to bewail our flaw and our separation from God.

His vibrations are of peace, smoothness, love, bliss, control, light, solid, and knowledge.

The more we can give up and tune to God’s zone, the more effortlessly we can conquer our difficulties throughout everyday life.


Toward the finish of a year-long venture, I had taken a shot at, there were just a couple of things left to finish. I had a particular arrangement on to how to complete the venture effectively. At that point, I found that the individual I anticipated that would help me was not able to do as such. When I heard this news at home, I was baffled and had no clue how to continue. I could feel myself getting to be on edge and bothered. Yet, I likewise needed to leave for work at The Expanding Light Retreat and didn’t have room schedule-wise to attempt to make sense of another arrangement.

IMG_6353As I ventured out of the house to leave for work, I remained before the entryway and gazed upward towards paradise. With a lot of feeling, I said to God: “YOU manage this and make sense of it!” As I said this, I was amazed to encounter an arrival of “a great deal of steam” — I felt as though a stone was lifted from my heart.

As I strolled to The Expanding Light, still fomented, I began to present a couple of sections from the seventh part of the Bhagavad Gita, which I had been rehashing around then toward the finish of my morning contemplations:

I am the smoothness of the water. I am the silver light of the moon and the brilliant light of the sun. I am the AUM droned in every one of the Vedas: the vast Sound moving as though soundlessly through the ether. I am the masculinity of men. I am the great sweet smell of the damp earth. I am the radiance of flame; the managing life of every living animal. I am self-offering in the individuals who might extend their little lives into inestimable life. O Arjuna, know Me as the unceasing seed everything being equal. In the keen, I am their discernment. In the colossal, I am their enormity. In the wonderful, it is I who am their magnificence.

I continued rehashing these sacrosanct sections, I felt expanding internal peace, and at a certain point, I felt lifted to a higher domain. I delayed amidst the glade and shut my eyes. As I stood smoothly, my brain and heart were totally still. Right then and there, I got the answer for how to finish the task. I opened my eyes and turned upward towards paradise. With profound appreciation, I offered my gratitude to God for the ideal arrangement I had gotten.

Afterward, as I thought about this occurrence, I understood how regularly we tend to stick to our human impediments. In any case, when we can give up, to surrender to God and be sustained by His light, our awareness is lifted; we enter God’s zone, where we can get answers for each issue.

Exercise LEARNED

At the point when the tidal wave of feelings and egoic wants begins to spring up within you, the best way to abstain from suffocating is to transcend them. Try not to stick to them. Rather, stick to God. Give your issues to Him. He can deal with it. Try not to get a handle on your issues and wind up spellbound by them. Rather, let go, and offer yourself totally to God. Surrender all into His hands.

Paramhansa Yogananda stated: “Quietness is the sacrificial stone of God.”

Just peacefully would we be able to feel God’s essence. God’s voice is quietness. On the off chance that we need to cooperative with Him, we have to quietness our psyche. When we enable the brain to end up anxious with musings and wants, we convey ourselves down to a level where God can’t speak with us.


Think day by day. Contemplation is an entryway to superconsciousness. “Through contemplation, you figure out how to separate your vitality from the faculties and intentionally go into the Infinite. You encounter a development of awareness from the limits of the body to the limits of time everlasting.” — Paramhansa Yogananda

“Figure out how to live more superconscious. This way to live with reflection conceived mindfulness. Attempt to influence the peace you to involvement in contemplation the premise of your target understanding of life. Try not to neglect the reflective peace between your fingers like grains of sand the minute you discover the breezes of common obligations again rocking you.” — Swami Kriyananda

“The more you can coordinate your psychological stream upward and outward the more joyful you will progress toward becoming. Just from the level of attunement and surrender to God’s will and by dynamic self-offering to God would we be able to draw motivations and convey them to our handy level of presence.” — Swami Kriyananda

Look upward regularly amid the day (at the profound eye, between the eyebrows).

Think unitively, less scientifically. Spotlight on finding the connections between things. Try not to harp on contrasts, however, consider others to be your own more prominent self.

Ask: What is endeavoring to occur here? Remain open, tune in, and focus. Making this inquiry can enable you to take a gander at the master plan.

Abstain from harping on issues continually. Give them a chance to rest. Amid these times of rest, dive deep into your quiet focus inside. When you progress toward becoming tuned in to your spirit, you’ll have the capacity to get clearness.

In Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda depicts the condition of living in God’s zone:

The propelled yogi, withholding all his psyche, will, and feeling from false recognizable proof with substantial wants, joining his brain with superconscious powers in the spinal holy places, hence lives in this world as God hath arranged, not induced by driving forces from the past, nor by new witlessnesses of crisp human inspirations. Such a yogi gets the satisfaction of his Supreme Desire, safe in the last safe house of endlessly ecstatic Spirit.