Does Religion Bring About Happiness?

Right off the bat, there is a major distinction amongst delight and bliss. The delight of the body is short lived, passing and restricted. Genuine bliss, divine delight needs no outer conditions yet is unconstrained and unceasing.

It is this inward euphoria that has spurred individuals to make the penances of a religious life. Be that as it may, the genuine spiritualist won’t feel he is making any forfeit. By what method can there be forfeit when one is intoxicated with divine happiness?

“A joy lived in her heart too substantial for paradise;

Light excessively exceptional for thought and love excessively unfathomable

For earth’s feelings lit her skies of psyche

What’s more, spread through her profound and upbeat oceans of soul.”

– Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

Tragically, religion frequently puts too little accentuation on the disclosure of this inward peace and internal satisfaction. At the point when religion ends up entangled in philosophical debate about the significance of antiquated sacred texts or inquiries of profound quality, this internal way is lost.

“We should be splendid and chipper. Gloomy appearance don’t make religion. Religion ought to be the most upbeat thing on the planet, since it is the best.”

– Swami Vivekananda

Some of the time religion requires its disciples to surrender certain common exercises. From chastity to isolation and strict weight control plans. In any case, surrendering parts of a common life is no certification that we will pick up satisfaction. It is anything but difficult to make external penances, be that as it may, internal bliss will just come when we surrender our inward evil presences of pride, desire and envy. On the off chance that religious practice causes us to rise above our shortcoming and constraints then it tends to be a way to empower a genuine enduring bliss. In any case, we can live in a religious network for our entire lives, be that as it may, on the off chance that we keep up human vanity, pride then we will be hopeless, regardless of what we do on the external plane.

Not in vain did Jesus Christ advise his teaches that to enter the Kingdom of God, we should move toward becoming as kids.

“Jesus stated, “Let the little kids come to me, and don’t impede them, for the kingdom of paradise has a place with, for example, these.” Matthew 19:14

For what reason did he say this? It is the immediacy, effortlessness and immaculateness of a virtuous demeanor which can make us happy. On the off chance that religion makes us genuine, pleased and selfish, we are a million miles from the Kingdom of God. Tragically, being knowledgeable in sacred texts is no assurance that we will pick up an untainted state of mind and receptivity to the Divine Consciousness.

“In the event that religion, rather than being the sign of a profound perfect, offers noticeable quality to sacred texts and outer rituals, at that point does it exasperate the peace more than whatever else.”

– Rabindranath Tagore

The immense yogi, Swami Vivekananda was once drawn nearer by some genuine disapproved of Indian adolescents. They needed to spend throughout the day perusing the Bhagavad Gita, at the same time, he disclosed to them they ought to go and play football as they would be nearer to God. Vivekananda needed to make the point, that perusing religious writings are no certification that we will be upbeat. The essential thing is to have the capacity to execute and hone the goals that they ask.

In the event that religion encourages us to quieten the psyche, and convey the heart to the fore, unquestionably religion will give us satisfaction.

“He who discovers his bliss inside,

his euphoria inside,

furthermore, in like manner his light just inside,

that yogin ends up celestial and accomplishes the blessedness of God.”

Sri Krishna, Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5

In the event that religion causes us to rise above our natural wants, we will pick up bliss from the pleasure inside. The Upanishads advise us that our source is joy, and it is to this source we should return:

From Delight we appeared.

In Delight we develop.

Toward the finish of our excursion’s nearby,

Into Delight we resign.

In the event that religion just places a weight of blame for our offenses, we won’t pick up joy. On the off chance that religion causes us overlook and excuse our errors, at that point we can advance and gain joy.

On the off chance that religion gives us a feeling of pride in our temperance and a feeling that our way is by a wide margin the best, we will never pick up joy from our sentiment of matchless quality.

In the event that religion trains us to truly adore our neighbor as ourselves and to find the ‘peace that passeth seeing’ at that point joy will be inside simple reach.